TSIG Design Services

SCADA Design Services :

  • Analysis of SCADA Requirements
  • Detailed SCADA Specifications for Water and Wastewater Treatment Facilities
    • SCADA/PLC Point List
    • Functional Description of SCADA Processes
    • Specifications for Instruments
    • Specifications for PLC Panels
    • HMI Specifications
    • Computers and Computer Networks Specifications
    • Vendor SCADA Interface Requirements (e.g. Belt Presses, Power Monitoring, Switchgear/Generators)
  • Monitor Systems Integrator's Progress



Communications Networks Design Services:

  • Fiber Optics Network Infrastructure Design and Specifications
    • Conduit Schedule and Conduit Routing
    • Fiber Optic Cable and Connectors, Interface Boxes, and Fiber Optic Jumper Specifications
  • Network Components Specifications
    • Network Enclosures/Racks, including Ventilation/Air-Conditioning Requirements for Enclosures
    • Computer Systems
    • Network Switches/Routers
    • Uninterruptible Power System Specifications
  • Monitor Communications Installations